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Cal Poly Spends $243,000 on Diversity Expert

On Thursday, January 24th Cal Poly announced that they will be partnering with diversity expert Dr. Damon Williams in part of the university’s Inclusive Excellence Action Plan.

According to a letter by President Jeffrey Armstrong and Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion Jozi De Leon, this 12-month call to action will help Cal Poly accelerate achieving their diversity and inclusion goals.

According to the letter, during this 12-month period, Dr. Williams will be conducting a three-part project:

  1. Conduct a campus climate survey in April 2019.
  2. Guide students, faculty, staff and administrators to understand the results of the survey and to develop a responsive plan of action.
  3. Help Cal Poly develop accessible measures of progress toward achieving that action plan.

From March 12-14, Dr. Williams and his team held CPX (Cal Poly Experience) listening sessions for various groups of students, faculty and staff. Each separate group of participants went to a different classroom to share their stories about their experience at Cal Poly.

For example, undocumented students went to room E11 in the science building (No. 52) on March 12.

Different sessions were scheduled to create space and “meaningful dialogue.”

These sessions were entirely confidential and open to the entire campus. 

Fulfilling the first step of his project, Dr. Williams sent a personalized email to all campus community members on Thursday, April 9. 

The CPX survey is mainly intended to ask respondents about the university’s overall climate. 

In addition, the goals of the survey is to assess the current campus climate, better understand the on-campus experience of members, gather data to help improve graduation and retention rates and to create an actionable plan. 


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